Sunday, January 18, 2009

Too Pooped

Heard the old saying a day seems as long as a week? Been there done that! How about

4 days =1months? !st snowday Thurs. windchills -40 degrees. so Altoona grandson wants to spend the night. No problem, except he's getting big and is trying to beat his friend's record of staying up until 6:00am playing games. That's cool except the game system is hooked up to my t.v. in my room. Did I mention he can't play a game sitting still? He fights when the people fight, he dodges when the people dodge.... you get the idea. Oh well, I have all day Thurs. to catch up on my sleep that I lost during the bed battles. Then it's night 2 and he "gets" to stay again. Toss, turn, move dogs over, cover up boy, let dogs out, shove boy over.....What? It's time to get up already? Drag my butt to school and only keep going knowing it is Friday and I can sleep in tomorrow. Right? Wrong!!!!! Grandchild #8 can't wait to 'pend the night with her best friend so she comes Fri. night instead of SAt!!!!! O.k. I can handle this...I mean she is only 4 1/2 and I'm very old. Only problem is she comes with a never ending battery that causes her mouth to never stop flapping. Wow can that girl gab. And to think she has only been in the US a llittle over 2yrs. I guess she's making up for the 2 yrs. she wasn't here. But she does love Bart my pug. She has to uncurl his tail and rub his ears all the time. The other dogs are o.k. but she "welwee" loves Bart. He's Chinese you know and oh Zoe had to tell me she was Chinese too. Anyway we finally get to sleep around......11:30 and not because I didn't try several time.

Next morning up and going at 7:30 the mouth and the baby. Went to a wrestling tourney and then to 'Hotel For Dogs" mouth still going softly. McDonalds next the home....and nap....NOT. Instead, only 1 mile from home we smash into a huge snow drift~ hard~tight. We sat there for an hour waiting for grandpa and Luke to pull us out. They finally had to get a tractor, go through the field and come from behind to get close enough to chain us up. After getting free I had to back down the road for about 1/4 mile before I could turn around. All the while my co-pilot is adding commentary. Why are we going backwards? We are going to get stuck again. and the dreaded "I gotta go potty" Comic relief was watching her straddle the waste basket to take a leak! That's gross! she said. Well, it came from you I countered. The best part was while we were driving home she stated Luke pulled us out. He's a Super Hero!!!!! Yes he was. Thanks Luke.

After all that excitement guess who wasn't tired? It sure wasn't Granny. plus add in the mix a new puppy we had just rescued we had another long night ahead.

After another looooooong night, church, Merle Hay Mall, I am pooped, I am going to bed and I am so glad I didn't start my family in my 40's like many women. ZZZzzzzzzzz


Chenoa said...

Mom you are my spuper hero!! Two straight days with Zoe girl can be exhausting!! As always she had the bestest time with her best fwend!!! I can just hear her asking you a million questions while you were in the ditch!

Wende said...

Another dog????