Friday, January 2, 2009


It hurts so much to laugh! That's when I know it's a GOOD laugh. My bro-in-law pulled into the drive just as Wende and I were going to escape. She said don't' move he won't even see us. Well, we waited about 5 min. and he finally got out of the car and walked to the garage. She was right, didn't even see us! Then the fun and laughs began. Philip faced his car and hit the lock then turned around heading towards to door. Wende laided on her horn and Philip turned around and hit his key alarm again, and again, and again. Wende let off the horn, Philip turned around and headed for the door again. Wende hit the horn and Philip snapped around again hitting his car alarm. For added emphasis he jerked his arm down to make sure the horn would go off. We let off the horn, Philiip turned around, you guessed it.....By then we were laughing so hard. He still hadn't seen us! Finally Wende opened her door and yelled at him" no wonder you don't want to go to Germany for the'd get killed!" His response, which I predicted exactly, I can't quote but it was in reference to a body part used for removal of waste. Every time we thought of it we busted out laughing all over again
Then it was time to meet a very funny lady. The thing is she doesn't plan to be funny. If anything is going to go wrong it will happen to Gloria. Like the time she took a trip by plane. Average ole trip ;nothing exotic. Right? Wrong we're talking Gloria here. Yep, you guessed it her plane got nailed by lightening!
O.k. so that was weird but that's not the end. When she got ready to come home she found out she had lost her driver's license and... she couldn't fly back home.

You had to be there to hear her tell it. Good thing I had on my Depends or I would have peed on her couch. Then there was the time the principal and teacher came to her home for a visit. It's to see what setting the children come from so they can better work with them. Well she forgot they were coming. She had hired a couple of friends of her brothers to help her move furniture. Her druggie brother that is. Payment :A 6 - pack of beer for a job well done. They were leaving as the school people came in. They didn't want to seem ungrateful so as they left they told her"See ya baby, I love ya!" She wanted to crawl into a hole! She told us she doesn't wake up and pray O.K. God, please F--- up my life today. But it just happens! She has the only pit bull that thinks she's a chihuahua and 3 chihuahuas that think they are pit bulls. Ask me. I had the lapdog pit bull sitting on my face! She had just had pups and.....her teats were so close to my eyes! Yuk.
Of course we also had to share our good times with my niece and nephew. Do you know HOW embarrassed grown children can get when their mama and aunt go flying by them in a convertable, with the top down, and the "oldies" cranked? Well let me tell you!

But, maybe it was just the car that embarrassed them?

Laughing what would life be without it?

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Chenoa said...

mom sounds like you guys have tons of fun!! i love laughing so hard that your somach hurts! If I saw the 2 of you driving by I would yell "Rock on Momma!!"