Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Winter Storm=Snow Day

A big* huge* winter *storm was in the forecast last night. 4-8" of snow* ice* sleet* high winds *white out conditions. YEAH* that means no school! Hurrah* I love snow days. They are not like other days off* for some reason they are just special* Of course that is from the perspective of an old woman without school kids cooped up in the house with me* Well, anyway, they are like a gift from God and I am not really required to do anything on those rare days* Like clean house on Sats. or do lesson plans on Sundays* Just get up late* fix a big warm you up bkfst* then?????? I gazed out the window for awhile watching the birds gathered under the feeders that I had filled last night in anticipation of the storm* Then I took extra long in the potty room****reading a new book my neighbor had given me* No rush, I had ALL day, a free day* What to do next?
I decided to paint my bdrm! I was getting tired of purple; it had been on the wall for oh, say 10yrs* It was time to retire the angels and get something new and refreshing* (The art teacher at school will like the angel border, it is in good shape since i only staple and not paste it on* My neighbor(same as the book neighbor) had given me a gal* of paint so hee haw! I was ready* I had a little bit left from painting the living room so I used it for a 1st coat. The new paint would match just right and I could have the room done in no time* Yeah, right! Good thing I planned to do a second coat in the first place because the free paint was a FEW shades darker than the left over* So, instead of just painting the top half of the room that was a lilac color, I proceeded to paint the whole room covering a VERY dark wine color that was on the botton 1/2 of the walls*
Now it would have been easy to do if I had had a roller, which I did have, but SOMEONE, who had promised to paint behind the ref. in April, had left the roller in the paint tray all that time* I had a new roller cover but.....the old cover was now stuck fast to the roller which was stuck to the tray* After several "veiled hints" that it sure would be easier to paint if I had a roller, SOMEONE got up out of his chair and proceeded, with many huffs, and grunts, to take the old one off* Suddenly, I heard some "Cotton pickers", and some "for crying out louds".*I just stayed in my room paintin' away* I ain't no dummmy* I knows when to stay out of a p.o.d man's way* I figured he had tipped over the paint left in the pan and it ran all over* Like down the washer and even into the washer basket. So...I just kep'a paintin' and a paintin'*
Well, about a long time later I heard"'Here, here's your roller." That's when I found out he had shoved the screw driver he was using to chip off the roller, deep into his hand!!!! It was bleeding and kept bleeding, and kept bleeding* Even after the sympathetic (not) woman that I am showed him how to elevate it and where to apply pressure* Of course that was wrong* He knew how to apply pressure, he does it all the time when he he gets hurt* That is why it was still bleeding even after.... Finally I wrapped it with sugical tape and a sterile pad* Did you know Hypo-allergenic tape is not really surgical tape? I didn't either* but as I told him I ain't no #&@* nurse so do it yourself if you can do better!
Did I tell you I LOVE snow days???? Now if only they had snow days without snowmen!!!!!


Chenoa said...

Did you stop painting to help dad or just let him bleed to death? I can just hear him--cottin pickin', son of a gun! How did the room turn out?

Angela said...

I was half expecting you to say the snow day was cancelled. thanks for the laugh. I have heard a 'cotton pickin' or 2 from him too. funny!