Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Oldest City in U.S.

Up bright and early Tuesday for a road trip to St. Augustine oldest city in the U,S, We were going to meet my nephew James (Jamie to me) and his family to tour the fort there. It was built to protect Spanish held Fl. from British attack. Sure glad I didn't live back then. I wouldn't make a good pioneer. We were lucky to beat the crowd and visit on a day that they reenacted the firing of the cannon. That was impressive!

Of course I spent much of my time looking at the boats watching them come and go. I really perked up when I saw a Coast Guard vessel stop a shrimp boat and board it. Now that's my kind of action. Was it a drug bust? Illegal immigrants? Pollution issue? never did find out but it did make me want to work hard to get crew qualified so I can go "boating"!

After the tour we went to eat at a seafood restaurant called The Conch. Fried shrimp the 2nd time in less than a week. HEAVENLY. not just shrimp, but real, huge ,fresh, shrimp with hush puppies on the side. We even ate outside in little tiki huts. Had a laugh or two watching the silly birds chasing each other trying to take a fish away from the lucky one that made the catch.

Soft sand, sunny day and shrimp on the beach Oh yeah!

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