Sunday, December 7, 2008


I get to dance again!!!! I started dancing when I was in 9th grade. I loved it and it quickly became my life. Finally a way to release all that was inside. I quickly moved from basic ballet and jazz to acrobats and tap. I felt like I was flying with my leaps and jumps. Backbends actually felt good. I could leap tall buildings with a single jete. I could even dive over 5 girls landing into a walkover!
Fast forward a FEW years and back to dancing....this time it was clogging. Wow! even more fun and getting to perform at lots of cool places. I got so good at costume changes that I could change a whole outfit, IN THE CAR while driving!
Never danced on/with a pole though. I don't like cold things touching my body!

Fast forward to Sunday. I get to dance again. This time a liturgical dance (worship) This is the first time they have had dancing at this church so.... but I am excited! I love to dance, move to music. Duh, go figure those with ADHD like to move. Oh yeah, only natural.

Got the music, "Sent By the Father" by Ray Bolz ,and the moves but one small problem. The dress. It's a black short sleeveless with full skirt. It was used by the high school jazz choir. Boy did we have fun trying on costumes in the drama department closet. We laughed so hard at some of the get -ups. Dresses that were so old, at least from the '80s! Gunny Sacs, prom dresses, turn of the century get-ups. Of course we had to model them for the rest of the class. On the way back to the closet I took a detour through the office to show off my apron and sombrero. WHOOPs!!!!! The state auditors were in there going over books. Do you know how much number crunchers DO NOT have a sense of humor? Oh yes, the dress. It has one shoulder strap and the other side no strap so I need a strapless bra. Thus the problem.....Gravity . Who would guess they don't make bras for...well the droopies?

I tried everything! Then I remembered ..... how could I have forgotten my best friend? The Duck
So I grabbed my roll, yanked off the bra.....Brrrrrrrr even old ones get a little perky in the cold. Then I wrapped and strapped and tugged and lifted, and cleave-ated. All with an image in my mind of how I should look. Well, it's a good thing my Lord has a sense of humor 'cause the tape didn't work! And I am sure HE was really laughing as he watched me g..e..n..t..l..y remove the tape from places it shouldn't have been it the first place. YEaouch that stuff sure sticks!

So, I will just wear the dress and hope the" girls" stay put. After all ,it isn't about how I look but what is in my heart. Let them praise his name with dancing... Psalms 149:3

Sent By the Father by Ray Bolz

One more time you've heard the story ,of our Savior's birth.
Heard how few beheld his glory, when he came to Earth.
Oh but soon every eye will see Him, angels by his side.
See Him now on a great white stallion, in the eastern sky.


Sent by the Father, Jesus go and call my children.
A trumpet sounds and the angels sing, like never before.
With shepherds and wisemen, we humbly bow.
And every tongue confess that He is Lord.

When He comes in all His glory, comes to claim His own.
We won't need a star to guide us, we'll be going home.
Once a baby in a manger, no room at the inn.
Now a King to reign forever, over death and sin.

Chorus repeat.

Please pray for us as we lead the church in a new form of worship and also for the 2 girls that are dancing with me. They don't know Jesus so this is an opportunity for me to witness to them in a LEGAL way at school.

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Chenoa said...

you are crackin me up!!! Love the tape and even if you taped them up I don't think they would look like that--sorry mom to burst your bubble!